RAF Digby Sector Operations Room Museum

Restored Fighter Command Sector Operations Room in original 1937 bunker. Detailing history of RAF Digby 1918 to the present day. Unique archive of documents, photographs and equipment on display.

Open the first Sunday in May to October, every Sunday only for guided tours at 11am -(meet at the Sports Field car park at 10.50am) Group visits at other times by prior arrangement only.

Whilst Lincolnshire is often described as 'Bomber County', the Sector Operations Room Museum pays tribute to the presence of Fighter Command during WWII. The original operations room has been restored to its original state, complete with plotting table, state boards and equipment, expertly advised by those who served there during the Battle of Britain.

Other rooms include items related to the many fighter squadrons that were based in and around Digby. In particular, learn more about the Canadian presence in this part of the county and John Magee, the pilot poet who wrote 'High Flight'.

Listen to the stories as told by one of the WAAF plotters during the Battle of Britain, not just of the fighting but what it was like to be a young girl away from home for the first time.

Read the original Combat Reports of 'kills' as written by such famous pilots as Douglas Bader and Johnny Johnson and be impressed by the squadron operations records and understand what it was like to be a fighter pilot in the conflict.

See one of the few three-cog Enigma machines in existence and hear how Lincolnshire played its part cracking its codes.

Try on one of the actual Irving flying jackets as used by the fighter boys at Digby. It is all a wonderful experience.